Handbag alarm black titanium coloured keyring with carabiner


Handbag alarm black titanium coloured keyring with carabiner

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Play it loud! It’s good to know that Amigo alarm is with you. This little friend on your keychain can be really loud if the need arises. One pull on the pocket alarm ring, and the siren will call assistance to you at 120 db, or will frighten away the bad guys. For feeling secure if you are often on the go alone. Made of sturdy aluminium in a black/titanium colour. Handbag alarm and keyring with carabiner, 120 db, siren for scaring people off and for emergencies, aluminium, anodised, matt, black/titanium coloured. High-quality functional items from Troika – delight people with design gifts! Handy pocket alarm for emergencies. Mobile alarm system Provides protection against attackers Easy to stow Easy to use, fits in trouser and handbag Practical to attach to keychains thanks to carabiners Very helpful gift for women as the siren repels attackers Elegant design with anodised aluminum The small alarm calls for help with 120 db or discourages those lurking in the shadows For people who are often alone on the road. Attached to high-quality key ring so that neither keychain or bunches of keys get lost. For a safe feeling in the dark a simple pull on the ring of the pocket alarm is enough to activate the siren.

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