Become a Supplier

Are you a wholesale or retail Company?

Gadgets Galore can assist you by selling your products on our website. We need more suppliers to give our clients more options in different categories. 

What does it cost me as Supplier?

As a Supplier it will cost you nothing so sign up. You supply us with all the products you want to sell in our store. We get the orders and you send it to the clients. You will have to supply the packaging material for the shipment. 

How does it work?

You supply us with all the details of your products and pictures according to Google Shopping standards. We load your products on to Gadgets Galore. When your product have been ordered we order it from you. We send you a waybill for the order and organize the collection.  We work on a basic CASH principle, client pay online and we pay you, no accounts or any credit facilities needed.

You can give the limit of stock you want to sell 1 to 1000+ products it doesn’t matter. We supply you with a csv file to upload all your stock on. Basic stock management must be done weekly on your stock to ensure availability of it on our website.
You can have your own SALE on our page send us the products you want to put on sale and we do it for you. 


What can you sell? Categories

Or anything you thing that will sell in this store. If you do not see the Category please still apply as there is an option for other categories.
All products must be original, no rip offs or fake merchandise will be accepted. Your products  will be screened before we will add it to the store.

Apply to become a Supplier.